Fused Spur Switches - Questions and Answers
Fused Spur Switches - Questions & Answers

Fused Spur Switches - Questions & Answers

Fused Spur Switches - Questions & Answers


What is a Fused Spur Switch?
A Fused Spur Switch is an electrical switch, with an in-built fuse and switch, designed for appliances that do not have or require, a fused plug.  Fused Spur Switches are also used for high powered electrical
equipment with heavy continuous loads, so that the appliance can be isolated by a single cable from a ring main, for safety and maintenance purposes.


Does a Fused Spur Switch have another name?
Fused Spur Switches are also known as:

  • Fused Connection Unit, or FCU
  • Switched Fused Connection Unit, or SFCU
  • 13 amp Fused Spur
  • Switched Fused Spur

What types of Electrical Appliances could use a Fused Spur Switch?
High Powered Electrical Appliances that may need a Fused Spur Switch, include Dishwashers and Washing Machines that are situated under work tops.  These units could be in concealed areas and need to be hardwired, ie, wired directly into an electrical circuit.

Are there different types of Fused Spur Switches?
The best quality switches are Double Pole (DP) Switches, which have an added isolation feature, whereby the fuse is in line with the live wire, and the Double Pole is in line with neutral wire, ensuring that both live and neutral wires are isolated, ie, no voltage can pass through either one. The DP Switch is therefore a safer switch to use.

In addition, there are Switched and Unswitched Fused Spur Switches on the market.  Switched means that there is a manual on/off switch located on the socket in addition to the fuse, and Unswitched means that there isn't a manual on/off switch on the socket, just the fuse, as can be seen in the images below.

Where can I buy a Double Pole Fused Spur Switch?
The Internet Electrical Store, an Online Retailer, supplies British Made, DP Fused Spur Switches with a one year guarantee.  If you would like further information, please call the Internet Electrical Store on Freephone 0800 043 5532.

We hope this introductory page has been of assistance to you.  Please view our mini image gallery for a  further insight into Fused Spur Switches.


Image Gallery

Switched Fused Spur with Neon           Unswitched Fused Spur               Screwless Fused Spur Without Neon    





Fused Spur Switches - Questions & Answers